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A little story about me

I am among those who are less concerned with technology and other internet opportunities.  Although I have worked in the computerization field for a long time, I generally only work offline and are less interested in the online world.

Google Search

Because of frequent failures in the offline business field, I finally started looking for various information about online business, by self-study without guidance from anyone.
But that is my weakness, who are lazy to ask questions and discuss with other people, prefer to be alone even though I finally end up dizzy myself without answers and help.

Many scams and fraud out there

Fake, Scam, Fraud

Failure by failure I often find in doing business online, from various tricks of the seniors online with profitable investment seduction, till income offer without investment but ultimately only scam and fraud.
From a variety of financially detrimental experiences and a waste of time, then I changed my profession to become a freelancer by joining various sites that provide online jobs.  With my graphic design expertise and photo editor and other office application expertise.

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